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I was visiting Palm Springs this weekend and saw a distrubing news report. Homosexual activist were protesting the passage if California proposition 8. There were hundreds of protesters and then this little old lady showed up. She had to be in hre 70’s or 80’s and was carrying a hand made cardboard cross. It read something like “Yes on Prop ” or something like that. The crowd of large homosexual men surrounded her and tore her sign from her and stompted on it. The were shouting absenties and shoved her around.

These “agents of chance”, blocked the tv crews from covering the crime and began to push the media around to. I have since returned from Palm Springs but cannot find the video of the seen. I have found another angle from a different camera. If anyone can find the video of the actual attack, lets get it up online before they pull it. Although I did see the follow up coverage this morning on local Palm Srpings tv, I cannot find anything about it now. Lets find this video. Take care, Mason


Written by masonweaver

November 9, 2008 at 3:35 am

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