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Angry homosexual mob attacks senior citizen.

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Homosexual attack senior citizen

I was visiting Palm Springs this weekend and saw television coverage of a very angry protest of homosexuals at City Hall. They were protesting the passage of California Proposition 8 to ban same sex marriage. A senior citizen arrived with a “Yes on Prop 8” sign written on a hand made cardboard cross.

These angry grown men attacked this senior citizen, grabbed her cross and stomped on it. Calling her vile names and shouting obscenities. They then turned on the poor news reporter (another female) and refused to even allow her to interview the senior citizen. Take a look at this video before they remove it. The homosexual activists are protesting all over California. The battle is not over just because the ballot measure passed.

Even though the attack happened across the street from the police station, the cops turned their backs on this and no charges were filed. You can clearly see the men who attacked her. One was seen repeatedly attacking the reporter. They will never give up – how about you?

See this video before they remove it.

Here is another channel reporting on the same story.


Written by masonweaver

November 9, 2008 at 4:18 am

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  1. Phyllis Burgess is the lady in the video. She is a very courageous woman to stand up in that situation, as she did. I don’t have the courage to do what she did. I would like everyone to pass this on to all of your email list to show how badly she was treated.

    I don’t think the Palm Springs Police Chief is going to prosecute this hate crime committed against Phyllis. You can see why Phyllis might not have the courage to file a complaint after the fact. We should not allow this hate crime to be swept under the rug and ignored.

    If everyone would please contact Police Chief David Dominguez of Palm Springs at 760.323.8116 and tell him to go after these thugs. We demand that he report and prosecute this incident as a hate crime.

    Also at the same rally, our Mayor Pro Tem, Ginny Foat, was reading a list of companies in Palm Springs and throughout the Coachella Valley that gave money to YES on Prop 8 for everyone to boycott . This is a great message for the Palm Springs Mayor Pro Tem to give to the businesses in our town and all of the cities in our Valley. Ms. Foat is saying, “If you don’t agree me , I’ll run you out of town or out of business.”

    Also, tell the other city councils how Ms. Foat is working against their city’s businesses.

    Thank you
    Bob Richmond

    Bob Richmond

    November 9, 2008 at 6:57 pm

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