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Feminism and “Lip-Stick”

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The Liberal Mirror
As we watch the Obama continue to attack McCain and Palin, it becomes important to understand what ‘s really going on. The Chicago machine is in full effect – they fight, and they fight dirty. They engage in double speak to allow cover for their foul, not-so-subtle hints about conservative thinkers and voters. Liberals cannot help but identify themselves as they attack us. They are holding a mirror up to themselves as they describe their hatred for us.

Who is really racist, intolerant, mean spirited, and closed minded? Who else engages in the real hate speech? Who’s limited perspective really harms the environment? So, listen to what they call you and realize they are telling you all you need to know about themselves. Take it as a clear indication of what is in their hearts and what they actually think of you.

The reason Obama has to refer to “pigs” and “lipstick” is because that is usually what you get with Democratic feminists. They are sad, scared women who hate men and refuse to present themselves in an attractive way. When they see the former beauty queen, in love with her husband, wanting her children, and loving God, it bothers them. When Democratic feminists see women like Governor Palin they become crazy people.
It is the feminists who do not use lipstick because they are afraid some animal was used to test it. It is the feminists who refuse to use shampoo or makeup because it may present to men the idea that they are available for feminine (not feminist) attention. They are sad because they believe that global warming that will rob them of their futures, no Social Security for their retirement, and that their miserable conditions in life are only due to their mothers’ choices.

They hate men, they hate children, and they hate any other woman who would do desire to garner the attention of men. You have to be honest; if you hugged Hillary or Palin – who would squeal?


Written by masonweaver

September 10, 2008 at 7:13 pm

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