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The new Republicans!

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It is fun watching God move in the lives of men. The media and left really thought they had pulled one over on us when they interfered in the Republican primaries and supported John McCain against other candidates. They kept saying he was the Maverick we needed now he is the Maverick they regret.

Now they have seen the Republican base unified around his astonishing choice of Vice President and foreseeing a return of conservative principals to the political arena. They are in full panic on every front.

Republicans can now see the future of their party. Christian, conservative and unapologetic in the defense of principals. Now we must watch their predictable reaction. Liberals only have one gear, calling you names. They must deflect the conversation away from your facts to emotional topics. Facts are like bricks to the heads, it hurts them to think. They would rather feel good about something than do something about anything.

Governor Palin not only hit a home run with her speech, she ended the game. If Ronald Reagan wore a dress he would look like her. But lets not get excited about her speech or her political expertise, lets look and compare the McCain/Palin ticket with the Obama/Biden ticket. Not on personalities or oratory skills but on some sobering thoughts.

You have never talked to a liberal more than 30 seconds without them calling you a name. Why? Because it gets you off the facts. You could be talking about taxes or immigration and they will call you rich or racist. What do you do? Most of us would stop talking about the facts and begin to defend yourself and no one will be defending the issues.

Now the press are calling Palin names and talking about her teenage daughter and hunting Moose. Have you noticed we have stopped talking about immigration, Obamas tax increase, drilling for oil or a nuclear Iran? It is working for them. Let us not respond to the name calling, keep on the offensive. They will have to follow us because they are followers.

It is not that the left has a double standard, they do not have standards at all. When Joe Biden lost his wife and young son to a car accident NO one called for him to step down from his newly won seat to become a single father to his only surviving son. The press herald him for being strong as he took office from his sons hospital bed. Last week they were raving about his compassion. The have no standards just goals. Liberals do not want to build they just want to govern.

Do not let the left lead you, it will be like allowing your young children to make the final decision on housing, insurance coverage and education. It is too important an issue to leave up to non responsible people. Just listen to their arguments, on every occasion and at every opportunity they will gladly inform you they are “not responsible”. It will be Bushes fault, bad schools, mean cops, racist America or unfair society but never them. Since they tell you that they are not responsible, lets believe them and never again allow them to the seat of community responsibility.

Would you let a non responsible adult babysit your child? Then why do we allow adult non responsible adults to influence your decision on important issues? Who else other than children uses phrases like “that’s not fair”, “I hate you”, “everyone is doing it”, “you should try being my friend mommy” and the best of all “It’s not my fault.”  Like all of our children, we love them and want the best for them but we know we cannot trust them to take care of us in our old age. Lets get back to the adult job of running our nation.


Written by masonweaver

September 7, 2008 at 1:55 pm

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