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There is a war going on; a terrible war exacting a terrible toll on our men. It is a war that should not have been allowed to continue and one we are losing. In this war, both civilians and combatants are being killed, property is being destroyed, and a nation is under siege. You will not find a daily body count of this war’s casualties in the daily paper. You will not find people marching or a call for Congress to act. No; this war is not in Iraq, but on the streets of Chicago.

Chicago, Illinois, home of “Peacekeeper” Jesse Jackson and his son Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.; city of the great spiritual leader of the black man, Louis Farrakhan, is under attack. How can Chicago, who gave us the agent of change Barrack Hussein Obama and his advisor Reverend Jeremiah Wright, be more dangerous for a black man than the entire country of Iraq?

Imagine a city with twice the deaths from gunfire than an entire army at war in a foreign nation. But isn’t Chicago the land of Oprah? It seems like if we could see into the future of the “change”, coming our way, we would duck.

There were 123 people shot and killed this summer in Chicago; not Illinois, not the Midwest, but the city of Chicago, and mostly in a few particular sectors. From Memorial Day weekend on May 26, and the end of Labor Day on Sept. 1, 123 souls were lost to the testimony of failed liberal policies and a system of gangs. The Democrat controlled city should withdraw and surrender to the gangs; let them iron out their own differences. The young men there would be safer with combat training and patrolling Baghdad than driving around the city of Chicago.

In the same period of time, the U. S. Military reports 65 soldiers were killed in Iraq. What we really need is for Obama to deploy more Community Organizers to bring peace with honor to the streets of Chicago. Folks, we are talking about one city. Please do not look at Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Saint Louis or any other heavily Democratic, liberal lending city. If you took an honest look at the communities controlled by Democrats you would come to the conclusion that liberalism was a toxic element to black men. It fosters death and destruction with no hope.

When will we see the coffins displayed daily on the evening news? When can we expect the photographs of the fallen citizens solemnly depicted in the paper? Why no news magazines covering the grieving mother screaming for the mayor to do something? Why no chants of “Obama organized…crime” or “gangs grew, Obama knew”. Obama’s preacher told of mean hateful white men while his community committed suicide right (or Wright) in his presence. But Obama did not mind; Chicago was only a temporary stop for him. He was planning his escape to Washington D.C. (Another crime ridden Democratic control, high crime rate city) He temporarily left his comfortable existence in Hawaii with his white parents, white community, supported by his white friends. He only came to Chicago to take, not to give. He left it as he found it, and he stood on their backs to run for office. What he planned for Chicago he now plans for us. He schemed, plotted, and executed well. Do not under estimate him, but do not take him for granted either. Barrack Hussein Obama may be a new breed of Master, but the slaves are still the same. Like an abused family, they support the abuser and disregard the help of neighbors.

Liberal policies fail wherever they are implemented. Why do we keep trying them? Poverty, drugs, gangs, terrible schools, low self-esteem, and destruction will guarantee to also be Democratic and liberal. I guess they are telling the truth only when they claim to be the party for the poor. Of course, they mean the party of poverty.

You want to know why there are less deaths in the country of Iraq than in the city of Chicago? In Iraq the good guys can shoot back!


Written by masonweaver

September 6, 2008 at 3:12 pm

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  2. Mason: Great article. Thanks for making these points. Jeff

    Jeffrey Sykes

    September 16, 2008 at 1:56 pm

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