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Man Woman Child. The Union Army!


El Cajon City Councilman Bob McClellan gave a great presentation
The first meeting of UARC! August 20 2008. San Diego CA

The first meeting of UARC! August 20 2008. San Diego CA

El Cajon City Councilman Bob McClellan gave a great presentation

Just a note as we all enjoy the holiday. I will send out a formal notice later.

As I write this, Brynda and I are on a well deserved holiday. I am visiting with my grand-daughter in Arizona, spending the day playing in the pool and buying this perfect child everything she wants. John McCain has just announced his choice for Vice-President and the Democrats have concluded their convention. The lines have been drawn and the soldiers are marching onto the battlefield. What are we going to do? Do we sit back and let others take the field or do we engage with the truth?

Since our last meeting I have spent ten days on the road and visited four cities. I attended a black Jamaican festival in Asheville, North Carolina and a Republican Women Federated Tea at a country club in Greensboro. After many hours of talking to people on flights, in restaurants, at churches and in meetings, I have concluded that public education has succeeded in lulling Americans into a deep sleep.

We are an entertainment centered nation, and as such many seem to think that voting for the President is the same as selecting the next American Idol! It’s amazing! The number of otherwise intelligent, successful, and educated people who do not understand or wish to understand the workings of our government is staggering. I have heard that 40 % of the American people believe that the Republicans still control Congress. So with Congressional approval rating at 9% this reflects poorly on us, not the Democrats.

During my recent travels, I had an interesting discussion with a very successful black woman who owns a multi-national business. We were discussing the prospects of Obama winning the White House, and I mentioned the horror of allowing a leftist President to join forces with a leftist Nancy Polosi, and she asked, “Who is Nancy Polosi?” This elegant, sophisticated, powerful, and influential woman is an ally of mine in business, but she has been so busy with her business that she does not understand what is going on around her. This is not unusual; we have failed to engage in the conversation.

The day after Obama accepted the Democratic nomination, I was on my way to the airport in Charlotte when a young, black female driver greeted me by saying, “Looks like we’re going to have a black president.” As I placed my luggage down, I asked her, “What would that do to put more money into your pockets?” She responded with a typical clichĂ©, “God did not bring him this far to leave him now.” I asked her how does she know it was God who was bringing him. TOTAL CONFUSION FOLLOWED.

The ONLY way we will counter this is personal engagement. We must first get organized, and then we must train and deploy. We must! Join us at the next meeting of the Union Army Republican Club. We are unapologetically training ourselves in and equipping ourselves with the truth with the intent to spread it to others. Invite your like-minded friends and let us project the truth to the community.

The first meeting was a success, and I want to thank El Cajon Councilman Bob McClellan, for his great presentation on the Christian beliefs of our founding fathers. The next meeting will be at the same location, Sizzlers Restaurant at 2855 Midway Drive on the corner of Rosecrans on Wednesday September 17, 2000 We will begin promptly 6 PM.

ANNOUNCING THE NORTH COUNTY UNION ARMY REPUBLICAN CLUB! Thanks to Dick Campbell for arranging this and I hope to see all of you North County folks there. This new meeting will be held on Tuesdays to accommodate those who cannot make it on Wednesdays. Dick’s announcement is added below.

We Win When We Show UP! See you on the battlefield, Mason Weaver, Union Army Republican Clubs.


Written by masonweaver

September 2, 2008 at 3:23 am

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