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If you listen to the press…you are depressed!

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It amazes me to see the length bias news reports are willing to go through in explaining to us that night is day and day is night. If you have been paying attention you will believe that Isreal “lost” this conflick with Hezbolla terrorist in Lebanon. They do not count the casualities on both sides, the destruction of each country nor the land taken and occupied by the conflicting warriors. Not the press seems to count victory based upon Isreals reluctancy to totally slaughter civilians the Hezbollah terrorist were shooting behind.

It seems the most effective weopon Hezbollah has is its ability to place civilians between them and the Isrealie army. So with South Biruit in ruins, Isrealy troops 20 miles inside Lebanon and complete domination of the ground, air and sea, Isreal lost because Hezbolla continues to launch Fireworks from the back of pick up trucks.

I found this strangly familiar. It sounds like the same voice saying we “Lost” the Vietnam war. After taking every military objective, inflicting 300,000 deaths on the enemy and controlling every major city we were not run out of Vietnam, we were ordered out. Ordered out by our government that did not have the will to inflict casualities on the civilian population. We were facing an enemy that understood the American press would publish such actions so they stood behind their population. If we had been ordered to take North Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos we would have done so. Instead, we were ordered to abandon our positions and leave country. Not because of the action of our enemies but the action of our government.

No one could doubt the ability of Israel to take South Lebanon if they wished to. It was more of a political postering that a military action from Hezbollah. Already there are violations of the cease fire. How can we really have a peace with one side still pledging the total destruction of the other? But if you continue to get your news from the bias press and not think for yourself, you will be misled. You will think everyone hates Bush, Christians and Republicans, you will think the war against terror is a lost and you will think surrender is victory.

In Iraq the victory is almost complete but you would not believe it from reports. You would have to go to the Department of Defense website to see the following facts:
Instead of prasing the efforts of the Iraqi people we are feeding the treasures of our enemies with the high fuel prices. Iran is making more money off the West’s need for Oil than we are spending to defend the free people of Iraq. Iran is taking that money and supporting people trying to kill us. So we worry about profits of the oil companies and try to tax them more instead of rescuing the world by developing our own oil supply.

It is time we understand the war we are in and fight it like it is World War !!!. Would we have traded with Japan after Pearl Harbor? Then why send billions of dollars to the Middle East?


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August 12, 2008 at 9:54 am

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