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Marshall Law is planned

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IMF warns of economic riots, police ready for civil unrest

Paulson discussed worst-case scenario at bailout meeting – declare martial law

I wrote and article during the campaign explaining the possibilities of Marshall law being declared if a serious terrorist attack struck after Obama becomes president. Now the possibility is being looked at under the guise of an economical rebellion by citizens. Will the armed forces of the United States take up arms against its citizens? STAY TUNE! Mason Weaver


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December 19, 2008 at 7:17 am

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Angry homosexual mob attacks senior citizen.

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Homosexual attack senior citizen

I was visiting Palm Springs this weekend and saw television coverage of a very angry protest of homosexuals at City Hall. They were protesting the passage of California Proposition 8 to ban same sex marriage. A senior citizen arrived with a “Yes on Prop 8” sign written on a hand made cardboard cross.

These angry grown men attacked this senior citizen, grabbed her cross and stomped on it. Calling her vile names and shouting obscenities. They then turned on the poor news reporter (another female) and refused to even allow her to interview the senior citizen. Take a look at this video before they remove it. The homosexual activists are protesting all over California. The battle is not over just because the ballot measure passed.

Even though the attack happened across the street from the police station, the cops turned their backs on this and no charges were filed. You can clearly see the men who attacked her. One was seen repeatedly attacking the reporter. They will never give up – how about you?

See this video before they remove it.

Here is another channel reporting on the same story.

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November 9, 2008 at 4:18 am

A horror story! No it’s not Halloween.

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Do you believe in horror? There is a new nightmare in town; one that has left many with sleepless nights and cold sweats.

What would happen if the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate became President? President with a liberal administration, in charge of the military, IRS and CIA. Then in your nightmare, keep the Congress under the control of the most liberal Senator and Representative you can find with a veto proof majority.

What would happen if there was a great financial melt down or a new, serious terrorist attack? With the support of the liberal media, who would stop the most liberal President from declaring martial law, suspending the Constitution, and greatly controlling personal liberties?

Who would be left to stop him? Martial law is the suspension of personal and civil liberties and replacing them with military law. The military takes over law enforcement and the courts, and manages the government in place of Congress.

Article 1, Section 9 of the United States Constitution states, “The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.” Habeas Corpus recognizes your right as a citizen to require the arresting agency to present you before a court to determine your guilt or innocence. That requirement could be on the police or the military. If Habeas Corpus is suspended and the citizen can longer depend upon the courts to protect then we have in effect Marshall Law. The police or military could arrest citizens for no cause and detain them without trial.

Imagine how such a government would control dissident speech such as talk radio? The limit of churches to speak out would invoke a far greater fear than their current fear of the IRS. This would be real fear. Political prisoners could be gathered and an entire new government could be formed to take over.

They already dislike Christians, want total control over education including home schoolers, and think the rich should be punished and criminals rewarded. They would open the borders, make all non-citizens citizens and give them the right to vote. Any disagreement would be labeled as “intolerant”, “closed minded”, “homophobic”, “racist” or some new name and the offender would be sentenced to “sensitivity retraining” for the good of the children.

The next President of the United States may very well face a terrorist attack, a major national disaster, or an economical meltdown that might cause him to consider taking major control over the lives of the American people. Because of the great risk of such a move, who do you want in that position? Now, granted that a declaration of martial law due to an economical situation is not very likely, in the event of a major terrorist attack, it would not be so inconceivable.

What would your candidate do?

This is a question that goes further than personality, communication skills, or a good ground operation. This is about more than who will sit on the Supreme Court or an increase in taxes. This is even more important than an energy bill, medical care, or education. This is about the U.S. Constitution and the American Way. Do not trust your feelings; trust your mind.

Martial law has been declared in the past. Most cases were only local in their extent, but there is constitutional precedence for placing the entire nation under military rulers. If that time comes again, I pray we have a President that could lead us through it.

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October 20, 2008 at 2:59 am

Court goes dark after OJ verdict!

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Simpson Courtroom goes into Darkness.

The entire courtroom goes into darkness right after the OJ Simpson verdict was read. As soon as the judge told OJ to have a seat the courtroom lights went out. After 13 hours of deliberations, 13 years after the Nicole/Rodman verdict, OJ sat in darkness to reflect on how life could have been and will be from now on.

While it does seem a little harsh to convict him on so many charges the timing and powerful imagery cannot be denied. Take a look at his video and watch the courtroom go into darkness.

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October 4, 2008 at 3:23 pm

Feminism and “Lip-Stick”

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The Liberal Mirror
As we watch the Obama continue to attack McCain and Palin, it becomes important to understand what ‘s really going on. The Chicago machine is in full effect – they fight, and they fight dirty. They engage in double speak to allow cover for their foul, not-so-subtle hints about conservative thinkers and voters. Liberals cannot help but identify themselves as they attack us. They are holding a mirror up to themselves as they describe their hatred for us.

Who is really racist, intolerant, mean spirited, and closed minded? Who else engages in the real hate speech? Who’s limited perspective really harms the environment? So, listen to what they call you and realize they are telling you all you need to know about themselves. Take it as a clear indication of what is in their hearts and what they actually think of you.

The reason Obama has to refer to “pigs” and “lipstick” is because that is usually what you get with Democratic feminists. They are sad, scared women who hate men and refuse to present themselves in an attractive way. When they see the former beauty queen, in love with her husband, wanting her children, and loving God, it bothers them. When Democratic feminists see women like Governor Palin they become crazy people.
It is the feminists who do not use lipstick because they are afraid some animal was used to test it. It is the feminists who refuse to use shampoo or makeup because it may present to men the idea that they are available for feminine (not feminist) attention. They are sad because they believe that global warming that will rob them of their futures, no Social Security for their retirement, and that their miserable conditions in life are only due to their mothers’ choices.

They hate men, they hate children, and they hate any other woman who would do desire to garner the attention of men. You have to be honest; if you hugged Hillary or Palin – who would squeal?

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September 10, 2008 at 7:13 pm

The new Republicans!

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It is fun watching God move in the lives of men. The media and left really thought they had pulled one over on us when they interfered in the Republican primaries and supported John McCain against other candidates. They kept saying he was the Maverick we needed now he is the Maverick they regret.

Now they have seen the Republican base unified around his astonishing choice of Vice President and foreseeing a return of conservative principals to the political arena. They are in full panic on every front.

Republicans can now see the future of their party. Christian, conservative and unapologetic in the defense of principals. Now we must watch their predictable reaction. Liberals only have one gear, calling you names. They must deflect the conversation away from your facts to emotional topics. Facts are like bricks to the heads, it hurts them to think. They would rather feel good about something than do something about anything.

Governor Palin not only hit a home run with her speech, she ended the game. If Ronald Reagan wore a dress he would look like her. But lets not get excited about her speech or her political expertise, lets look and compare the McCain/Palin ticket with the Obama/Biden ticket. Not on personalities or oratory skills but on some sobering thoughts.

You have never talked to a liberal more than 30 seconds without them calling you a name. Why? Because it gets you off the facts. You could be talking about taxes or immigration and they will call you rich or racist. What do you do? Most of us would stop talking about the facts and begin to defend yourself and no one will be defending the issues.

Now the press are calling Palin names and talking about her teenage daughter and hunting Moose. Have you noticed we have stopped talking about immigration, Obamas tax increase, drilling for oil or a nuclear Iran? It is working for them. Let us not respond to the name calling, keep on the offensive. They will have to follow us because they are followers.

It is not that the left has a double standard, they do not have standards at all. When Joe Biden lost his wife and young son to a car accident NO one called for him to step down from his newly won seat to become a single father to his only surviving son. The press herald him for being strong as he took office from his sons hospital bed. Last week they were raving about his compassion. The have no standards just goals. Liberals do not want to build they just want to govern.

Do not let the left lead you, it will be like allowing your young children to make the final decision on housing, insurance coverage and education. It is too important an issue to leave up to non responsible people. Just listen to their arguments, on every occasion and at every opportunity they will gladly inform you they are “not responsible”. It will be Bushes fault, bad schools, mean cops, racist America or unfair society but never them. Since they tell you that they are not responsible, lets believe them and never again allow them to the seat of community responsibility.

Would you let a non responsible adult babysit your child? Then why do we allow adult non responsible adults to influence your decision on important issues? Who else other than children uses phrases like “that’s not fair”, “I hate you”, “everyone is doing it”, “you should try being my friend mommy” and the best of all “It’s not my fault.”  Like all of our children, we love them and want the best for them but we know we cannot trust them to take care of us in our old age. Lets get back to the adult job of running our nation.

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September 7, 2008 at 1:55 pm

End this war!

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There is a war going on; a terrible war exacting a terrible toll on our men. It is a war that should not have been allowed to continue and one we are losing. In this war, both civilians and combatants are being killed, property is being destroyed, and a nation is under siege. You will not find a daily body count of this war’s casualties in the daily paper. You will not find people marching or a call for Congress to act. No; this war is not in Iraq, but on the streets of Chicago.

Chicago, Illinois, home of “Peacekeeper” Jesse Jackson and his son Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.; city of the great spiritual leader of the black man, Louis Farrakhan, is under attack. How can Chicago, who gave us the agent of change Barrack Hussein Obama and his advisor Reverend Jeremiah Wright, be more dangerous for a black man than the entire country of Iraq?

Imagine a city with twice the deaths from gunfire than an entire army at war in a foreign nation. But isn’t Chicago the land of Oprah? It seems like if we could see into the future of the “change”, coming our way, we would duck.

There were 123 people shot and killed this summer in Chicago; not Illinois, not the Midwest, but the city of Chicago, and mostly in a few particular sectors. From Memorial Day weekend on May 26, and the end of Labor Day on Sept. 1, 123 souls were lost to the testimony of failed liberal policies and a system of gangs. The Democrat controlled city should withdraw and surrender to the gangs; let them iron out their own differences. The young men there would be safer with combat training and patrolling Baghdad than driving around the city of Chicago.

In the same period of time, the U. S. Military reports 65 soldiers were killed in Iraq. What we really need is for Obama to deploy more Community Organizers to bring peace with honor to the streets of Chicago. Folks, we are talking about one city. Please do not look at Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Saint Louis or any other heavily Democratic, liberal lending city. If you took an honest look at the communities controlled by Democrats you would come to the conclusion that liberalism was a toxic element to black men. It fosters death and destruction with no hope.

When will we see the coffins displayed daily on the evening news? When can we expect the photographs of the fallen citizens solemnly depicted in the paper? Why no news magazines covering the grieving mother screaming for the mayor to do something? Why no chants of “Obama organized…crime” or “gangs grew, Obama knew”. Obama’s preacher told of mean hateful white men while his community committed suicide right (or Wright) in his presence. But Obama did not mind; Chicago was only a temporary stop for him. He was planning his escape to Washington D.C. (Another crime ridden Democratic control, high crime rate city) He temporarily left his comfortable existence in Hawaii with his white parents, white community, supported by his white friends. He only came to Chicago to take, not to give. He left it as he found it, and he stood on their backs to run for office. What he planned for Chicago he now plans for us. He schemed, plotted, and executed well. Do not under estimate him, but do not take him for granted either. Barrack Hussein Obama may be a new breed of Master, but the slaves are still the same. Like an abused family, they support the abuser and disregard the help of neighbors.

Liberal policies fail wherever they are implemented. Why do we keep trying them? Poverty, drugs, gangs, terrible schools, low self-esteem, and destruction will guarantee to also be Democratic and liberal. I guess they are telling the truth only when they claim to be the party for the poor. Of course, they mean the party of poverty.

You want to know why there are less deaths in the country of Iraq than in the city of Chicago? In Iraq the good guys can shoot back!

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September 6, 2008 at 3:12 pm

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